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Sir Stelios: easyJet staff are getting to carry the can NOT Airbus

Date: 28 May 2020

Commenting on the easyJet “capacity update notice” (28 May), airline founder and largest shareholder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou said:

“So the scoundrels at easyJet have spent the last two months lying through their teeth as to why they must keep paying AIRBUS for 107 additional planes and now today telling 30% of easyJet staff that they will lose their jobs. Why don’t they just stop paying AIRBUS first?

“Ten weeks ago I was telling the scoundrels to go for a smaller fleet. Instead they have continued to line the AIRBUS wallet and now the scoundrels make employees carry the can. If the airline needs to be 30% smaller in staff numbers then it needs to have 30% fewer aircraft (on a March 2020 fleet size of 337), not 107 more.

“Since the revelation of the scoundrels’ links with the Panama papers dodgy Swiss lawyer Marc Bonnant on Friday 22nd May, I have already got one of the three main scoundrels running for the hills. Findlay should not sign any more cheques to AIRBUS now. He will not be at the company to pay for all these additional aircraft.

“I am now calling on the 30% of the easyJet staff losing their jobs today to blow the whistle. A reward of up to £5m could be yours if you give me any evidence of dealings between the scoundrels and Marc Bonnant.”


Have you seen this man (attached photo) with any of the easyJet scoundrels? Know of any dealings between the scoundrels and Bonnant and his associates and Airbus?

Email in confidence for £5m reward to easyJet-airbus-scandal@stelios.com

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Stelios offering GBP5m to a whistle-blower about the easyJet-Airbus scandal

Stelios is willing to offer a reward of up to £5,000,000 (five million pounds sterling) in cash out of his own money to any whistle-blower who provides useful information that leads to the cancellation of the order for easyJet to buy an additional 107 Airbus aircraft at the cost of £4,500,000,000 (i.e. £4.5 billion) which easyJet simply cannot afford. Just email in full confidence (anonymously) to easyJet-airbus-scandal@stelios.com and Stelios will review your email.